The costumer care, and attention to continuos changes in the catering business are one of our main concerns, which we pursue intensively by offering to our customers a range of high quality products produced by Mareno and an efficient and prompt after-sale assistance. We provide all technical equipment required in the cooking process, with high reliability and versatily. "Erra Grandi Cucine" doesen't only offer instruments and equipment for the restoration and professional foodservice in general, but it's a proper laboratory for the design and Conception for everyone's personal needs in th Ho. Re. Ca. Sector.

The passion for catering accompanies our company from the very first steps, moved more than thirty years ago.
First with Vincent young humble, but resourceful, ready to learn all about the industrial and professional kitchens. It starts as an apprentice and quickly takes on the representation of leading Italian brands. Opera not only nationally, but, thanks to its strong commercial skills, manages to assert itself even actually Cuba, Canada, India, Dubai ...
Today the legacy is collected by his son Marco, from an early age fascinated by the world and by the enthusiasm of his father. Marco maintains the high standard in kitchens pairing it with a more modern approach, responsive to innovations and design of the new century.
Father and son, linked by passion, tradition and innovation, ready to make all your projects.